Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

This is how I feel

Yeah..No body perfect, but why..I become stupid like this :'|

Even my sister (I have two sister) is smarter than me...I mean, if they in 10, I was in 5. hiks.

My english is bad!, my math is even worst.. my memory is low (kaya hp aja,ahahaha)
The only one I can do is Singing and Drawing..just it :__(

But I'm very gratefull for the talent that He (God) gave to me..

So the point is, I still stupid! (hikssss...)

2 komentar:

  1. heheh... adikkuu.. kamu kenapa dahh?? ^^.. lg melowdelowswelow yah? hehe.. semangatttt... you absolutely smartt, not only in singing and drawing but you have also the talent to make people laugh, you like share the happiness, which is good... smooochess.. xoxo

  2. Thank you sistaah :D
    Tp tetep aja lu lebih pinter..hikss